Do Business with DCNR


Bids and Business Opportunities

DCNR awards millions of dollars in construction contracts each year to build and maintain the facilities in its parks and forests. Timber sales on state forest lands contribute to the $5 billion a year timber industry. Hundreds of concessions throughout the park system help complete the park experience and many are open for bid each year. Others opportunities for supplies and services are also available.


Licenses and Permits

Water well drillers must get a license from DCNR for drilling and rigs and report water-well construction data to DCNR through WebDriller, an online reporting program. On the recreation front, DCNR also requires licenses for snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and permits for people who want to camp on state forest lands.



Leased Campsites

DCNR’s Bureau of Forestry maintains more than 4,000 leased campsites for recreational purposes across Pennsylvania. Although the department stopped leasing new campsites in 1970, campsites can be transferred to new ownership.


Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory

Businesses that will be impacting the land and waters of the Commonwealth must go through a PNDI project planning and environmental review to determine how their project will affect Pennsylvania’s species.