Learn about PA’s Natural Resources



State Parks

Our state parks are not just about playing outside. They are filled with opportunities for learning and discovery. From outdoor programs for young people, to environmental camps to teacher workshops, our state parks can open a whole new world of learning about our natural world. Learn with parks.


State Forests

Our state forests provide many values to our citizens –clean water, clean air, recreation, habitat and timber to name a few. By understanding the history of our forests, we can manage them for their future uses. Our education and information section helps to provide a glimpse into some of the key aspects of how DCNR manages its state forest system.



Interactive Maps

DCNR is constantly implementing new technologies and more advanced ways of delivering information to you. Our interactive maps are a prime example of this and can be used to learn more about PA’s natural resources and find locations of interest to you. We have interactive maps related to State Parks, natural habitats and communities for species of special concern, forest assessments, local grant acquisitions and developments, public streambeds, and more!



Since 1836, the Pennsylvania Geological Survey has been examining what’s beneath our feet. From studying geologic hazards like sinkholes, landslides and earthquakes, to mapping the state with sophisticated precision, the Survey is chock full of information about the geology of Pa. Teachers and students will be amazed at the online classroom,  full of information on fossils, rocks and minerals, economic resources, and the multitude of publications.



Greenways and Trails

Pennsylvania is one of the most progressive states in the development of rails-to-trails and large greenways networks. Its Greenways Program provides a clearinghouse web site to help communities and partners plan for and build greenways and trails.


Economic Resources

Pennsylvania’s natural resources help to fuel our economy. The first oil well was drilled in Pennsylvania. The Marcellus Shale play is providing a modern-day economic gas boom across two-thirds of the state. Pennsylvania continues to be one of the largest coal-producing states in the nation. And as one of the largest certified forests in the country, our state forests are providing products to fuel the green economy.



Local Parks

Local parks help improve our quality of life. DCNR provides technical assistance and grants to help communities create better places for their citizens. Learn more about how cities, towns, and rural areas are using recreation and conservation to make a difference.

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Think Outside

Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests make great classrooms to teach and learn which can greatly enhance students’ educational experiences. Colleges and universities are invited to provide opportunities for place-based, hands-on educational experiences in our state parks and forests.